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Your puppy’s life journey from our little farm to your ready home makes all the difference. From the day of your puppy’s birth on our farm up until the day your new furry friend leaves to start his or her new life with you, we strive to provide a great environment for the pup. Our activities are centered around the three-fold goal of providing you with a puppy that is healthy, smart, and happy. Many wagging tails and happy families later, we can tell you that our program truly works!

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For our breedings, we start with dogs that descend from very healthy lines. This selection process has consistently provided healthy and robust puppies to many forever families. Over the years, we have yet to produce a single genetically defective puppy. Our program is so solid that a local veterinarian selected one of our pups to give to his own mother!


We build upon this great genetic base by providing each puppy with Early Neurological Stimulation. Inspired by an early military "super-dog" program, ENS provides:

  • Better focus in learning situations
  • More tolerance to stress
  • Greater resistance to disease
  • Improved cardiovascular performance


Adoptive families continually tell us how amazed they are with our puppies. By the time you meet your new puppy, he or she has been exposed to many different people and many different situations. These pups are the hit of our rural neighborhood. We have an open door policy with all of our neighborhood children and welcome frequent puppy visits and play time. Our farm-like setting provides your puppy with sights, sounds and textures that all lead the pup to a comfortable confidence. That confidence translates into real-world social skills around both people and other canines. ( It warms our hearts to see all of these little wagging tails! )

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